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4-Hour Policy & 30% Fee

▶ ALL No-Shows, Last Minute Cancellation, and Schedule Changes made within 4 hours to your appointment time will incur a 30% fee regardless of the reasons.​ Please understand that we are appointment only and loss of one appointment has a big impact since technicians are tied to one customer at a time.

▶ The 30% fee will vary from $15 - $43, depending on the service you book.

▶ Online cancellation is available for your convenience.

   - Click here to learn how to cancel online

Examples : 

     9/23 10 AM appointment :

          You can freely cancel by 9/23 5:59 AM.

          Fee will be charged after 9/23 6:00 AM

     9/23 12 PM appointment :

          You can freely cancel by 9/23 7:59 AM.

          Fee will be charged after 9/23 8:00 AM

     9/23 4 PM appointment :

          You can freely cancel by 9/23 11:59 AM.

          Fee will be charged after 9/23 12:00 PM.


     9/23 7 PM appointment :

          You can freely cancel by 9/23 3:59 PM.

          Fee will be charged after 9/23 4:00 PM

How the 4-Hour Policy Applies

Last-Minute Cancellation & NO SHOW appointments will be charged regardless of the reason. You are responsible for your appointment. Please make sure and keep track of all your appointments; confirmation and reminders go out to your preferred method of contact (via text or email). 

Same-Day Appointment follows the same 4-hour rule. If you booked an appointment on the day, with less than 4 hours left, and cancel that appointment, then you will be charged a last-minute cancellation fee. Therefore, please book with mind that you will make the appointment.

     - Example 1 : You booked a 7pm appointment by calling us around 5pm, then your appointment already has less

                           than 4 hours left to give us any notice. If you cancel this one or don't show up, it will incur you the

                           same fee.

     - Example 2 : You booked a 7pm appointment by calling us around 11am, then your appointment does have more

                           than 4 hours left. If you notify us by 2:59pm for cancellation, this won't incur you the fee.

Lateness : 5-15 minutes is acceptable because the customer after you generally won't mind waiting up to 15 minutes. Please always keep in mind that your lateness is costing the next customer’s appointment. If you are running late more than 16 minutes we cannot guarantee your appointment. If there is no customer after you so we can still take you, you won't have to pay the fee. If we are booked out, then you must cancel or reschedule to another day and it will incur the same fee as the last-minute cancellation. If you insist on having the appointment, you will have to downgrade your set according to the time that your appointment has left.

Requesting a Specific Technician

Please Arrive 10 Minutes Early

▶ We are fast-paced salon. We can not guarantee you the requested technician if you are running late, especially when she/he could have taken another customer. Please respect her/his work time by arriving 10 minutes in advance, so she/he can maximize her/his use of time for you. 

▶ Starting November of 2022, there will be mandatory $5 extra gratuity added in requesting a specific technician.

▶ Please call if you'd like to book for specific technician. Booking online does not guarantee you that specific technician you are looking for, and we have frequent schedule/shift changes. 

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