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Hi! How are you doing today? Thank you for visiting our website!


We are Secret Eyelash, at your service since 2015. What is most important to us is you! Your experience, your satisfaction, your convenience, you name it! We have made conscious efforts to provide you with the best service and options, with simplicity and clarity. Transparency and honesty is our priority in serving you so we can build and earn your trust, and actually fill your need without unpleasant surprises. 

And as much as we care about you, we have taken our steps to care for our employees. Our prices are integrative, meaning tip and tax are all included. This is of course, for your convenience too, but is also to guarantee our technicians stability in their earnings. 20~25% tip is included for them in every set, plus competitive hourly pay compared to the industry standard.

Last but not least is our belief in empowering women, and those who identify themselves as women. Confidence matters. If our lashes can help any women feel more confident about themselves or help them build a bit more confidence, that's a business worth having.

Thank you for taking your time to read about us and hope to see you in person :D

Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild
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