Frequently asked questions

Lash Questions

What kind of eyelashes are used?

We carry synthetic mink lashes only, comes with J, JC, C, D curl, size 8 to 17.

Sensitive/hypoallergenic glue?

I’m sorry but we don’t carry sensitive glue. Sensitive glues are made of less glue material, results fast falling of lashes. Also it does not guarantee no allergic reaction. For such reason we rather not carry. If you are allergic we recommend you to not do lash extensions.

How long lashes will stay?

It is normal to lose 1-3 lashes every day. Your lashes will get sparse and sparse every day, eventually nothing will be left in 2 to 4 weeks. If you lose excessive amount(more than ⅓ in first 2-3 days) please contact us immediately(also please refer to our fix policy)

How to take care my lash extension?

No water for first 24 hours. Up to 48 hours no swimming or hot yoga.

No oil product all time. Use oil free makeup remover and face wash.

No excessive motion over eyelashes. No pulling, rubbing, and squishing.

Lashes will fall out everyday(1-3 lashes) and get sparse. Everything will be lost within 2 to 4 weeks.

Booking online

I don’t see the time I prefer.

--I’m nearby and I want to come pretty soon(within an hour) : Online appointment closes itself an hour prior. For example, 3pm appointment becomes unavailable online by 2pm even if appointment is still open. If you are nearby and trying to make an immediate appointment feel free to call and check the availability.

--I’m booking ahead of time(more than an hour prior) : It is likely that our schedule is full for the time you selected. For on the day basis appointment you can always give us a call to check possible last minute cancellation.

Do I have to put my credit card number

Yes, you must. Otherwise your appointment won’t go through the system, no appointment is made. Booking system ask the credit card number but it won’t charge you anything at that point. You can still pay us in person once your appointment is finished.

I booked online and I can’t change/cancel my appointment

There’s no option to change/cancel online by yourself. Please call us in advance of time(so you can avoid the late fee) and we can modify it for you.

Shop policy

Cancellation policy

We receive cancellation or reschedule free of charge until 24 hours prior to your appointment. Late cancellation or reschedule fee of $20 will be applied for any cancellation or reschedule beyond that point. Not showing up to the appointment will also incur the same fee. NO EXCEPTIONS in any circumstances.

Fix policy

We fix for free only if you have lost more than ⅓ of your lashes, AND made a PHONE CALL within 2-3 days from your original appointment day for the issue. Please do not hesitate, contact us immediately so we can help you and fix the issue right away. More you wait there’s not much we can do because we also offer retouch session as well.


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