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  • What kind of eyelashes are used?
    We carry black synthetic mink lashes only, comes with JC, C, D curl, size 8 to 17.
  • Sensitive/hypoallergenic glue?
    We do not carry sensitive glue. Sensitive glues are made of less glue material, resulting in faster rate of lashes falling out. Also it does not guarantee not having an allergic reaction. For such reasons we have decided to not carry them. If you are allergic we recommend you not do the lash extensions.
  • How long will the lashes stay on?
    It is normal to lose 1-3 lashes every day. Your lashes will get sparse every day, eventually leaving nothing within 2 to 4 weeks. If you lose excessive amount (more than ⅓ in first 2-3 days) please contact us immediately (please refer to our fix policy).
  • How do I take care of my lash extension?
    No water for first 24 hours. Up to 48 hours no swimming or hot yoga. No oil product at all times. Use oil free makeup remover and face wash. No excessive motion over eyelashes. No pulling, rubbing, and squishing. Lashes will fall out everyday (1-3 lashes) and get sparse. Everything will be lost within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • I don’t see the time I prefer
    --I’m nearby and I want to come pretty soon (within an hour) : Online appointment closes itself half an hour prior. For example, 3pm appointment becomes unavailable online by 2:30pm even if appointment is still open. If you are nearby and trying to make an immediate appointment feel free to call and check the availability. --I’m booking ahead of time (more than an hour prior) : It is likely that our schedule is full for the time you selected. For on the day basis appointment you can always give us a call to check possible last minute cancellation.
  • Do I have to put my debit/credit card number?
    Yes, you must. Otherwise your appointment won’t go through the system, and no appointment is made. Booking system ask the debit/credit card number but it won’t charge you anything at that point. Card is only held and will be used for late cancellation and no-show appointment (please refer to our cancellation policy). Payment for the service will be made in cash once you arrive at our shop for the service(s) you selected.
  • I booked online and I can’t change/cancel my appointment
    You can cancel online anytime before 4 hours to your appointment. For example, if your appointment is at 3pm, you will be able to cancel your appointment until 10:59am. The option to cancel will not appear online if you are trying to cancel less than 4 hours to your appointment, In that case you will have to call us to cancel and it will incur the late cancellation fee. Please refer to our policy for more information.
  • Cancellation policy
    We receive cancellation or reschedule free of charge until 4 hours prior to your appointment. Late cancellation or reschedule fee will be applied for any cancellation or reschedule beyond that point. Not showing up to the appointment will also incur the same fee. NO EXCEPTIONS in any circumstances. Fee amount: 30% of the appointed service price. For full policy click here.
  • Fix policy
    We fix for free only if you have lost more than ⅓ of your lashes, AND made a PHONE CALL within 2-3 days from your original appointment day for the issue. Please do not hesitate and contact us immediately so we can help you and fix the issue right away. More you wait, less we can do for you since we also offer retouch session. For full policy click here.
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