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Before you book please note:

1) We are CASH ONLY. All prices are cash prices including gratuity and tax.

Debit/Credit Card is held only for cancel fee collection and can NOT be used in stores to pay for the service.

2) We are by APPOINTMENT ONLY, no walk-ins.

All NO-SHOWs, Last-Minute Cancellation, and Schedule Changes made within 4 hours to your appointment time will incur 30% fee.

You can learn how to cancel online by clicking here.

By booking our service, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

We are not responsible for the charges resulting from your unawareness of the policy.

Please read our store policy to avoid any unwanted charges.

3) Retouch prices are offered within 14 DAYS ONLY.


To qualify for retouch prices, the original set must be done from one of our locations.

You can NOT book for retouch if it is your first visit or it is past 14 days since you have gotten them done from us.

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